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Advanced Wind Mitigation Methodologies 1 (i)

This course is designed to introduce Wind Mitigation Inspectors to the Wind Mitigation Methodologies Retrofitting Techniques required by Florida Statute 553.844. By completing this course the student will become familiar with the following improvements as outlined in the 2014 Florida Building Code- Existing Building Chapter 6 & 16: prescriptive techniques for gable-end bracing, strengthening and fastening roof sheathing, and creating a secondary water barrier. In addition to the Retrofitting requirements for those improvements, the student will be informed about the need for Wind Mitigation in Florida, as well as costs estimates associated with the aforementioned improvements.

 (1) Wind Mitigation Credit Hour 

FL DFS: Provider #368546, Course #80335, Offering ID: 1065443 FBC Advanced Code Approval #365.2

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