Designing for Aging in Place - Pt. 2

This course is designed to provide Florida contractors with a thorough understanding of accessibility guidelines as outlined by State and Federal Codes, to aid in designing and retrofitting homes to age in place; a recent trend of elderly home-owners to remain in their homes rather than moving to adult-care facilities. The design and retrofit techniques described encompass Universal Design concepts to create usable spaces for all users. Part 2 of the course covers requirements for bathroom design in terms of spatial requirements and fixture use, widening doors and selecting door hardware, flooring, lighting, showers and tubs, storage, and grab bar use and specifications; Kitchen design in terms of spatial requirements and fixture use, innovative products and designs, countertops and appliances, lighting & outlet placement; and discusses market trends and specialized training certifications to capitalize on the growing demand for Aging in Place solutions.

 (1) General Credit Hour

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