Advanced Residential Design & FL Building Code

This course is designed to provide Florida contractors with basic building code requirements for residential construction, as outlined in the Florida Building Code, Building and Residential, 6th Edition (2017).  The course relays the fundamental importance of adhering to building codes and standards and the purpose and intent of the Florida Building Code.  Specific areas discussed include:  the permitting and inspection process; spatial and structural concepts and requirements such as minimum room dimensions, ceiling heights, interior and exterior wall design, and garage and carport design; creating a means of egress system, with specific details about the components and requirements as such; mechanical and plumbing requirements including fixtures for sanitation, exhaust system locations and specifications, and fuel-fired appliances; and termite protection. The course material is derived from both Florida Building Code- Building and Florida Building Code- Residential, as appropriate.

(1) Advanced Code Credit Hour or (1) General Credit Hour

FL ECLB: Provider #0004941, Course #0800689, FBC Advanced Approval #444.3

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